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Cars HotSurf is the car finder software tool

Mobile agents

1. General information

The mobile apps of Cars HotSurf allow you to synchronize search requests and found ads between the Program desktop version on your computer and the mobile app on your smartphone.

The use of the Program mobile apps provide you with the possibility not to be constantly tied to the Program desktop version.

Two cases of data synchronization between the desktop version and the Cars HotSurf mobile app are possible for you:

Case 1. Sync of search requests to the mobile agent.

We recommend using this variant only when you have a not big auto business and only if you alone or a few other people occupy yourself with buying up vehicles. In this case, you create search requests only once and then sync them to your mobile agent.

Next, you leave your computer on, and as soon as the Cars HotSurf program finds new car ads for a given search request, it will forward them to you on the mobile agent. You are also provided with the possibility of changing your search requests once created on your smartphone if you are not satisfied with search criteria, after which this request will be changed accordingly on your computer too.

For setting up sync of global search requests between the Programs desktop version (on the computer) and its mobile agents (smartphone, tablet), see the Synchronize global search requests to mobile agents section.

Case 2. Selective sending found car ads to the mobile agent.

This variant will be convenient to you if you have a rather big automobile sales centre and a separate manager preliminarily contacts sellers, whereas the buying up of vehicles is accomplished by other persons. In this case, the manager manually forwards found ads to a specific mobile agent, after which these will come to the Inbox folder in the addressees Cars HotSurf mobile app.

To learn how to forward found car ads to the mobile agent, see the Sending found car ads to the mobile agent section.
Also, you can combine the both cases.

2. Activating mobile agents in the Program

For mobile apps to be used with the desktop version of the program, they need to be registered for the desktop version.

You can do it in two places: