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Cars HotSurf is the car finder software tool


Our customers often ask the same questions concerning Cars HotSurf program. We have collected them here together with their answers. We hope that it will help you to find an answer to your question.
Is the use of Cars HotSurf program legal?
A lot of car sales websites prohibit parsing their content using a third-party software, third-party scripts and web-services. Only viewing the site through a browser is allowed.

To avoid violation of the car sales websites rules we have developed our product on the browser core. We use an Internet Explorer in the Windows, and the Safari browser is used in the Mac OS.

As a result Cars HotSurf program is a standard browser with a specialized interface. For this reason the car exchange market content is uploaded legally via a built-in browser without violating their rules for using the site.
What is the advantage of using your program or similar programs as opposed to the websites-aggregators or web-services?
The main difference is the speed of getting a car once it has been posted by the seller on the site; the speed is higher for programs. This gives you a significant edge not to miss a profitable offer.

Sites-aggregators update car offers with some frequency, for example, once per hour, but in this case they upload a lot of data at once.

Search web-services update cars more often than the sites-aggregators, but they are under constant load because of a variety of user requests. For this reason they also upload a lot of data which delays their downloading a new car.
When will a car appear in the program after a seller has posted it in the car exchange market?
Minimum time for site monitoring is 10 seconds. It means that theoretically you should already see this car in our program in 10 seconds.

There are situations that influence the speed of getting cars. Here are the main ones:

Some sites like www.autoscout24.de, do not post cars at once. After a seller has pushed the bottom “Publish” it may take about 15 minutes for its posting on the site.

If there are a lot of search requests in the program and if you have a weak Internet link or a computer and a low search priority is set for the desired site you can also get a car with a significant delay.
What maximum number of search requests can I specify in the program?
The number of search requests is not limited. Only the power of your computer and the bandwidth rate of your Internet link are limited.
On how many computers can I use your program?
The number of computers on which you can use our program is the same as the number of licenses for the program in your account.

That means that one license can be used only on one computer. If you need more licenses, contact us.
Will the program run on the tablet?
We support two desktop versions: Windows and Mac OS.

Therefore, the desktop version of the program can function on the Windows tablets only with full-fledged Windows XP/Vista/7/8/10 installed. We tested our program on Windows 8.1/Windows 10 tablets.

For the Android and iOS platforms, Cars HotSurf mobile apps available can operate only with the desktop version of the program, i. e. the desktop version is all the same needed to you if you wish to use a mobile app.
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