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  • Cars HotSurf is the car finder software tool.

    The software finds used cars on popular car sales websites in the United States and Europe. This is a professional software to search used cars with one mouse click.

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  • Do not lose your profitable offers:

    Up to 90% of all purchases in the market of used cars are made on the basis of offers through the car sales websites;
    Depending on the region, minimum 100 new car offers appear every 1 minute;
    The most interesting offers are bought up within 15 minutes after their post on the site;
    The use of browser is not efficient!

  • Cars HotSurf software is for:

    Car dealers or professional car resellers who want to earn more than their competitors;
    Private persons who want to buy a used car at a good price.

HF monitoring

It checks car sales websites almost in a real time.

Need for speed

The program searches for a big number of used cars in the car sales websites.

Integration with Skype

You can call the seller directly from the program using Skype or other VoIP apps.

User Notifications

Cars HotSurf will notify you of the found new cars offers: by playing sound, showing notification popup or sending information to your e-mail.

Flexible car search

The program takes into account more than 100 car search options. You search exactly what you need.

Evaluation and comparison

There is an option to compare and evaluate the newly-found used cars from different car sales websites.

Car market prices analysis

It shows price range for the found cars: low, medium and high price on the market.

Competitive advantage

It saves your time and enables to be the first in intercepting interesting offers in the car market.

A new beta version of the Cars HotSurf (v.1.2.0.)


A new beta version of the Cars HotSurf (v.1.2.0.)

New car sales websites support


New European and USA car sales websites was added:

- webauto.de;
- craigslist.org;
- autotrader.com;
- carsforsale.com;
- ebay.com;
- cargurus.com.

An iOS version of the Cars HotSurf program is already under development


An iOS version of the Cars HotSurf program is already under development.

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