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Cars HotSurf is the car finder software tool

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  • A new beta version of the Cars HotSurf (v.1.2.0.)

A new beta version of the Cars HotSurf (v.1.2.0.)

We are glad to inform you about a new Cars HotSurf public beta release 1.2.0.

This version of the program will have a number of significant changes and additions made:

1. Vehicle search improvements.

  • Global searching through all supported websites by using only one search request without a need for you to create identical search requests for each site separately;
  • Searching of vehicles without having to enter the make and model.
  • Searching for vehicles with consideration for your geographic location.
  • Added new car sales websites.

2. Mobile Agent for Android.

  • The mobile agent for the Cars HotSurf program is a mobile app that allows you to synchronize search requests and found ads between the Cars HotSurf program desktop version and your smartphone.

3. Data export and import capability.

4. Improvements to the user interface of the program.

  • A new, table display mode for the list of found vehicle ads is added to allow you to see more ads on the screen.
  • Improvements to the main program menu: we have placed there new important functions, such as editing or creating search requests, which makes the program easy to handle;
  • A program wizard that helps to you quickly configure the program to suit your requirements.
  • The storing of your current settings to a cloud makes it possible for you to import your previous settings after reinstalling the program.

5. Product tech support improvement.

  • An automatic notification to the Cars HotSurfs tech support about search-related problems is added;
  • A capability of sending program performance logs off directly from the program menu.

6. Other improvements.

  • Bugs from previous program versions have been fixed.