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Cars HotSurf is the car finder software tool

How it works

Cars HotSurf is a specialized automotive software that automatically search for vehicles on the popular car sale websites in the USA and Europe. Cars HotSurf was specially developed for car dealers and professional car resellers. 

Cars HotSurf monitors, high-frequency and automatically, popular car sale websites in search of the latest advertisements for used cars for sale, according to user’s search requests:

For car search, Cars HotSurf program uses a legal mechanism for loading a website’s content through a standard built-in web browser:  

You are to specify the necessary search criteria for car sale websites once, and further on Cars HotSurf program will itself carry out the entire search for you:


At regular time intervals Cars HotSurf program will automatically check the cars offers availability.


Once a needed car ad has been published on a car website, Cars HotSurf will immediately download and save it to the local cache of cars.


Subsequently, the program, depending on your settings, can notify you of a new found ad: visually or by sound or by written notice to your e-mail address.

In addition, some other program capabilities are available to you. All capabilities of the car search program Cars HotSurf are to be viewed here.